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Visual Design

I love design, especially the challenge of creating an product for information design is that's static and timeless. Whatever the design/product, there is a job it has to do, and must stand the test of time. Here are some designs that are still “employable”.

2601 Parkway /Kiosk

2601 Parkway is packed with tenants, they asked me to create 6 informational panels for the Kiosk system in their lobby. The images below are two of my favourites.

Kensington Community Yardsale / Event

Local organizers asked me to design their flyer and map for a neighborhood event. Of course the idea wasn't really flushed out, so I ended up designing the process in which participants interacted with the flyer aswell. Lots of elbow grease here :) .. but in he end the event was a success.

Leotah's Place Coffeehouse / Menu

Leotah's Place asked me to design their menu, however the business was still new and were experimenting with their menu.. so the design was outdated before the week was out. It really represented the look and feel of the Coffeehouse.. for that short period of time.

Web Projects

Websites are great communication tools, and they play a crucial role in opening up the global marketplace to everyday folks like you and me. They need to be easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and communicate your message or identity. That’s a tall order... but that’s why I'm here to help. Here are some projects that I've worked on.

Philly Custom Metal Fab.

"PCMF" asked me to build them an website to showcase their awesome metal fabrications. I ended up designing the logo and biz cards too :)

Cheekadee Makeup Artist

Cheekadee approached me to re-design their current site which was out dated. We applied a fresh vibrant approach and came away with a stunning redesign.

Charles Morabito - Film Maker

Charles wanted his reel to be the first thing the prospective client sees.. so we went with video background on the landing page. The site also features a uniqe video carousel that feeds from his portfolio on

User Experience / User Interface

My goal in designing an interface is to meet the needs of the end user. Things should be where you think they will be, parts of the interface that will be used everyday should be the most prominent. Most importantly respect the end user --- After all they will be using the interface.

Ehry'Day Organizer

We all work differently in various nuanced fields, so I designed the Ehry'Day Organizer to focus on the day at hand. The top scroll allows you to select a day that month. Seeing what you have yet to do for the entire month can be overwhelming, so I like the 5 day view with focus on the current day. I also, wanted to organize the time used within the day, so I attached little blocks to each task with the time you expect to complete it. When you select a task that you want to complete you can see the “details” below the scrolling day view. The details.. I often despise the display of the details of many task managers, because I want to see everything at once. In the details view I have 3 sections:
Break-down -I often need to break a task down even further.
Resource list / Files -I'm tired of looking.. I want everything relevant to the task in one place.
Notes -If you don't document, you will forget.. then after you've handed the project over to a client.. you'll remember.

Image Game Statistics

My goal in designing this Image Game Statistics interface is part of a larger scheme to build a Design Game Collective called subColours. Upon hover/single-tap, the statistics of the image are displayed.

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